Aurelia co-op

Supersounds of the Atonal: Iteration 1

Bodies With Detectable Currents: Iteration 1

Strange couples

Highlove, 2019


Mnemosyn, 2021

Recent Movements

The Rite

Y, 2019

chappy oblique

how are you?

pulsed, pregnant, invisible

the grain suspends vegetation

i approximate distance

sing screaming lightly


scale i cannot determine

reach me

waking on gravel a sleeping ‘we’

something moves around me imprinting a
shadow on my eyelid

I am standing in an empty space in front of an image,

facing a timeless vision of alterity,that I feel also from within.

I throw a Nylon fishline from the power of my throat

you are dense all around me

plato’s moist rock-bed

the treaty of visibility


excess coupling
the treaty of visibility 

inside the pupil an entire night

imagine freezing in place and everything around shifting

everything: blocks the black surface

imagine floating

excess coupling


Amazing Death

Tiszavirag: Iteration 2

Bodies With Detectable currents: Iteration 5
Departures (2021)
Good Name London
Flipside Emissions, Ongoing
Instructional Scaffolding for the development of Cognitive... 2017
read in sprouting, dying, taking place and dominating
i say ‘I’  for you, 2019

resting power

Yifan He Crybb


an ancient ritual
listen only superficially
everything: blocks the black surface
i protect you and i tell you: you are a whole. There is within me a well through which you drink your lust and desire to live.
buried force
try leaning


radio d’est
Sounds of Fridays
imagine splitting
imagine emanating
gasps in fountains
he looks at the bird and knows not that he sees it.
tell them you are leaving
i approximate distance
imagine burning

moist media


*This database of optical propretiescan be used in further simulation of distracted vision.