Woman No.1:

In her apartment, there was only the piano, a table and books that she loved (...)
Only one dress(…)
long, black of a loose fit (…)
She was a famous, beautiful person. Her hands always fascinated me, they were, big and defined, her fingers could cover half of the piano, fortepiano. She was to me(…)

Woman No.2 (Simultaneously with Woman No.1):

I have to say that nothing she gives (…)

Woman No.1:
I can say, that in her play I could always feel something deep. Even now I remember some hers (…)

Woman No.2:
I can tell you, how they wanted to take the piano away, as she had no money to pay the rent for it.
I like to talk about people like her, I could kneel before her. People like her, give us strengths, they lead us toward the beautiful.

I can tell you (…)

Woman No.1:

When working with her, there was always an amazing atmosphere, an atmosphere of a fantasy. She was a rich human being, (…)

knowledge (…)

Woman No.2:

She was always (…)

people that loved her (…)

many admirers (…)

They all tried to help.